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VAMA was created in 2021 by two young creative minds Viktória Varga and Sofia Marsili. 

During a night at an Italian restaurant the fashion model and the young designer - out of a shared passion for glamour and travel - decided to combine their vision and knowledge they‘ve gained in the Fashion Industry to create an unique swimwear line or as Sofia and Viky like to call it a Luxury uniform. Their two very different characters make the brand so elegantly fearless.


The label is inspired by the personality of cosmopolitan women- confident, worldly and sexy with a fabulous sense of humor and imagination. 


Vama is for women of a modern-era who wants to be at the hottest destinations and set the trends rather than follow them. All the garments are made in Italy, between different regions, selecting premium tailors and factories to obtain the highest quality. The products are created to be long lasting, timeless and to make every woman feel confident inside and outside the sea.

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